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Welcome to SEO TOOL, our aim is to help you to boost your business up to the next level online!

We will help by providing you with the best Free SEO Tool available online anywhere. Our proprietary Website Analyisis Tools will enable your website to GET TO THE TOP OF THE SEARCH ENGINES through your own hard work and endeavours! It’s a kind of DIY SEO if you like and our way of saying thank-you just for taking the trouble and visiting our website!

We hope that you find our SEO TOOLS useful.

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Website Analysis report

If you need to perform an SEO Analysis on your web-site or web-page, you need to run our Free SEO Tool in order to effectively examine your site or page in terms of its ability to appear as highly as possible in the Search results. There are many potential barriers to Search Engine success which we want to explain to you further in some more detail so that you understand just what you are dealing with!

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Here at SEO Tool we have all of the answers that you are looking for regarding the readiness of your web assets to appear well in the major Search Engines. Our SEO Reports will be ready for you in less than a minute once you have entered just a few quick details regarding your web assets!

Once you have entered your details, our proprietary analytical algorithm will quickly scan either a single page of your website or, if you prefer, your entire website. You can even enter a target FOCUS KEYWORD or KEY-PHRASE and a COMPETITORS WEBSITE URL in order to compare your website directly with your competitors – what could be easier, or more helpful, than that?

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Simply enter your Websites URL, usually in the form ‘’ and our FREE SEO TOOLS will run our specialist SEO algorithms across your website in order to produce our SEO REPORT for you. This will run both near instantaneously and completely free of charge and with no further obligation on your part.
We are happy to offer this FREE WEBSITE ANALYSIS service to you so that you can begin to learn about how to deal with the tricky task of On-page SEO issues for yourself. There are many things that will affect your visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) in Google, Bing and all of the other major Search Engines.

How to interpret your Website SEO Audit

In order for you to fully understand the On-page SEO Ranking factors that our website SEO audit report produces we have created a bullet pointed guide below. This highlights the elements of your website that must be changed and explains making the changes in more detail.

Search Ranking Factors

The Search Engine Optimisation Ranking factors that you need to address on your website are potentially many and varied and dependant to an extent, naturally, on the whims of the major Search Engines themselves, such as Google and Bing. In general, these factors actually revolve mainly around the following major potential SEO On-page factors:-

  • Meta Title – presence, length and quality.
  • Meta Description – presence, length and quality.
  • Text/HTML code ratio. Content is vitally important.
  • Indexed Pages. Have the Search engines successfully indexed your site?
  • Image Alt Tags. Do your images have them?
  • Do you have any broken Links within the site? If so, fix them now!
  • Are there any Underscores in your URL’s? If so, try to remove them!
  • Have you implemented IP Canonicalization? If not. Do so now!
  • Is your site rendering correctly on mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets? If not, it is fast becoming more and more important, as mobile use increase exponentially!
  • Do you have a Favicon set up? If not then you should set one up.
  • Do you use Conversion Forms? You should do so if not.
  • How large are your websites pages? If they are too big they will take a long time to load which is not good for your websites overall use-ability.
  • How quickly does the website load? Is your website hosting fast enough? Is your website hosted in the country that it is used the most?
  • Do you use print friendly CSS (Cascade Style Sheets)? If not, you must do so where possible.
  • Is Google Analytics set up on your website? If not, then set it up with the correct ‘UA’ code from Google.
  • Is the website W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) valid? It should adhere where possible to this globally agreed standard.
  • Does your website have a sitemap? If not then the Search Engines may be confused about your websites content.
  • Has a robots.txt file been set up correctly? If not, set it up correctly.

Pay Attention

If you pay attention to these important On-page SEO factors then it is likely that your websites individual pages will improve in terms of their visibility in the Search results.

These ranking factors will all evolve and change over time as the Search Engines Algorithms change themselves. It is therefore of paramount importance that you try to keep up to date with all related emergent news in the world of Digital Marketing!

Use our Free SEO Tool to produce your free website analysis as often as you like.

The report can be used whenever you need to use it so, once you have made any identified changes, why not come back to SEO TOOL again to run it again for Free?

In this way you can monitor the progress that you are making in order to improve the SERPs of your website. Improvements will mean that more organic search engine traffic will land on the pages of your website, hopefully converting into paying customers that can boost your business up to the next level!

IF you have found our SEO Report to be useful then do please spread the word because, without visitors, it will be very difficult for us to be able to provide our Free SEO Tools and then we will all lose out. Thanks very much for your attention, we hope to see you come back soon to try our reporting suite again!